Tri-County Fair

Livestock Sale

Annual Tri-County Fair
Youth Livestock Sale

The Tri-County Fair Youth Livestock Sale is a great place to show your community involvement and support for local youth. Throughout the year, exhibitors work diligently to learn feeding, grooming, training, record keeping and proper livestock management practices. Exhibitors use their proceeds to reinvest in future projects or they may apply it to their education.

It has its perks. Each year the Tri-County Fair provides our potential Youth Livestock Sale buyers a complimentary gate admission ticket for the day of the sale.

Free advertising is included. Your name or the name of your business will be announced at the sale when you make a purchase.It will also be printed in local newspapers thanking you for supporting our youth.

You and/or your business will receive top quality beef, pork, lamb and goat.

Saturday August 3, 2024

Be sure to arrive at the sale arena 30-45 minutes prior to the start of the sale. If you have not received your bidder number prior to the sale, you will need to register at the sale office before the sale begins. The 2023 sale order will be Goats, Steers, Lambs, Hogs.

The Grand Champion and Reserve Champion animals will sell at the beginning of each of their respective species.

Following the Sale

Immediately following the sale, if you purchased any animals, you must check out at the sale office and inform the clerk of the destination of the animal(s) you purchased. A final disposition worksheet, that you can complete during the sale, will be provided to assist you with the information the sale office will need from you.

    Animal destination options: Send to slaughter facility
  • Alleghany Meats – (540) 474-2422
  • Flying W Farms – (304) 289-3005

If you choose to have your animal slaughtered, you will need to complete a cut sheet for each animal and make arrangements with the processor following the sale. These processors will arrange to transport the animal(s) you purchased to their facility.

Sell the animal to the floor, if the youth Livestock Sale has announced during the sale that this option is available for a particular species you purchased. (Floor prices will be announced for each species at the beginning of the sale)

Donate the animal back to youth.


Payment is STRONGLY encouraged the night of the sale. This ensures that exhibitors will receive their premium checks in a timely manner. If you are unable to attend, or have a proxy bidder, please mail your checks as soon as possible to:

Tri-County Fair, P.O. Box 1197 Petersburg, WV 26847

The Tri-County Fair Youth Livestock Sale Committee developed this brochure to explain the Youth Livestock Auction to perspective buyers. The Tri-County Fair Youth Livestock Sale is held as part of the Tri-County Fair to provide an auction for 4-H and FFA exhibitors to sell their animal projects. All money spent on livestock will be paid to the youth exhibitor with the exception of an exhibitor’s premium which will be used for operating expenses, equipment, newspaper advertisements and other sale related expenses

All livestock sold are sold by the Head*

* If an animal does not bring a bid equal to or higher than the announced floor price for that species, the animal will be sold to the floor instead of the highest bidder. Exhibitors who sell their livestock exhibits use the proceeds to reinvest in future 4-H/FFA endeavors or educational and business opportunities. As a buyer, you are investing in the future of youth in Grant, Hardy and Pendleton Counties by encouraging them to stay involved in agriculture and providing them the financial means to do so.

    For additional information contact:
  • Trey Keyser, Tri-County Fair Youth Livestock Sale Chairman – 304-851-0732
  • WVU Extension Service - Grant County – 304-257-4688
  • WVU Extension Service – Hardy County – 304-530-0273
  • WVU Extension Service – Pendleton County – 304-358-2286